Incentive Awards Event

Incentive Awards Event

A company took employees on an incentive trip to Singapore.
There was also a party featuring Taiko drumming, a visit from Miss Singapore, sand art, celebrity musical performances and a separate program for children.

Incentive Awards Event
Incentive Awards Event

Motivation Events®
We have developed a variety of methods for increasing motivation together with our in-house Work Motivation Research Institute.
We use these methods to help improve our clients’ corporate performance, enhancing inner communication and branding throughout a wide range of corporations and organizations.
*Motivation Event® is the registered trademark for JTB Communication Design, Inc.

Main areas of expertise
・Prizegiving events
・Anniversary events
・Kick-off events
・Athletic meetings and sports festivals
・In-house corporate communication events
・Events for foreigners (inbound travelers)
・Private overseas events

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