Corporate Anniversary:

Corporate Anniversary: <br>Ceremony&Party

The Facts

Event: Construction Company`s milestone Anniversary Ceremony&Party
Attendees: 1606 employees
Where: Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Singapore

In 2018 a construction company celebrated a milestone anniversary since its founding with a commemorative event at a total of 4 venues, of which 3 domestic in Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka, and 1 overseas venue in Singapore.

Corporate Anniversary: <br>Ceremony&Party

Tokyo                                                                                                                           Osaka

Corporate Anniversary: <br>Ceremony&Party

Fukuoka                                                                                                             Singapore

Corporate Anniversary: <br>Ceremony&Party

With simultaneously holding the celebration at 4 separate venues, JTB Communication Design (JCD) understood that the client wanted to create a plan that conveyed the sense of unity and motivation, the concept of "one mind"; an anniversary event suitable for a milestone like this.

In order to create an event with lots of excitement, JCD proposed various plans and activities for the client to implement. For example, the simultaneously holding the event at 4 venues, anniversary badges, boards and a carpet displaying the company`s history, an analyzer to capture employees` opinions, a round table meeting to discuss the coming 10 years, producing an original anniversary song, and for fostering unity and fun, JCD also proposed holding a Guinness World Record challenge.

Heading for future, the client wanted its over 1600 employees from the different locations to unite with each other and share the same consciousness while the company will develop further over the years to come, and thus connect each venue when the celebration took place.

Corporate Anniversary: <br>Ceremony&Party

Comments from JCD Staff:
Difficulties with simultaneous broadcasting

"As everything had to happen simultaneously at the 4 separate venues, our first step was setting up a station room where all venues could be observed.
While constantly confirming that no problems could arise, we rehearsed instructions between the venues, such as starting cues for videos, speeches and time adjustment. There would be moments when the same images or videos are shown at the 4 venues, but also moments where every venue had its own imagery to show, so the challenge would be to keep everything in sync.
While the day of the event approached, we held detailed meetings to confirm when certain speeches would be broadcasting from one venue to the others, to be able to perfect the timing. The biggest challenge would be syncing the group songs. Even though there were concerns that some delays would occur, we presented our best possible plan to meet the client`s wishes."

Corporate Anniversary: <br>Ceremony&Party

"As professionals, we made it our mission to create an everlasting memory for the attendees. Initially, the main goal of this event was to create a sense of unity, and a place where all employees could celebrate and enjoy together. But the most important thing is always the feedback from the client. Their evaluation is of great value to us."

"My gratitude goes to the client for selecting JTB Communication Design as their partner for this event. I sincerely hope that this event connects to bringing them to their next milestone."

Corporate Anniversary: <br>Ceremony&Party

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