“Let’s compete your pleasure” – Running event in Hakone

We JCD are promoting the project which intend to solve the regional issues sustainably by socializing people through the new sports events.
This event was first held in the year 2017 as the local sports festival which has merged “Running” & “Entertainment” at Hakone town, one of the most popular & well-known tourist spot where Hakone Ekiden (long-distance road relay) takes place.

We JTB Communication Design has arranged this short stay (2 days) sports event, first held in Metropolitan region, by cooperating with Hakone town government. We’re also consigned to manage this hole event operation, and to administrate executive committee by joining them.

Proposal from us JTB Communication Design to Hakone town

We JTB Communication Design had proposed a new style of running event with the enjoyable stay in Hakone Spring for all runners. Not only you could enjoy running in Hakone, but also you could have a wonderful experience in the pre-event night festival which is full of entertainment such as campfire, stall of Japanese style massage, foods & beverages, live events & performances by local artists, and so on.
We’ve established this event as the complexed festival by integrating sports & entertainment also utilizing the abundant outdoor activity resources of Hakone area, and providing an opportunity for many tourists to enjoy their stay in Hakone Spring.
The biggest attraction of this running event is that you can enjoy running with the fabulous, beautiful view of Mt. Fuji which you can usually see it only by car.
There were some issues of runner’s access and the capacity of parking lot because of Hakone’s peculiar location and the start time of the event, so we continuously consult and negotiate with the local government and committee to construct the cooperative framework to run this event smoothly.
The JTB Group has fully supported constructing the event environment, such as settling original accommodation plan and arranging runner’s transportation. We’ve adopted all possible measures carefully and accomplished managing its smooth operation.
Based on the concept “Let’s compete your pleasure!”, approximately 3,000 runners had joined this events in 2 days. We JTB Communication Design will continue creating the enjoyable events in Hakone for local revitalization and increase of socialization.


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