MICE Symposium Tokyo 2018

Tokyo MICE Symposium Tokyo 2018 held on January 18, 2018.

This symposium was held by The Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Tourism Agency are projects to let more people know "MICE". And we have appointed as an operation management this time.

What is MICE???
M : Meeting    I : Incentive    C : Convention    E : Exhibition/Event

◆Our responsibilities◆
① Registration management of visitors
② Creating and printing leaflet
③ Website building
④ On site management
⑤ Creating and printing program · · · etc.
We have been very careful to grasp and anticipate the total number of attendees since the symposium was entrance free. And thanks to our hard effort, we could achieve 75% of attendance!!!
The organizer praised with the result and smooth operation and this was another achievement.

◆Comment from Person in charge : Mr. Hotta◆
I tried hard to keep on time with the program even if the session time extended with deep understanding of how inconvenience to attendees if the program runs delay.
Fortunately, we receive good feedback from our client.
As we take part of project management, good feedback from our client would be our best motivation.
I will continue to devote myself to lead further success.


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